Coachman II

hew!  Been a busy time since the last post.  Between my job, pipe repairs, restorations and my ebay pipes, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my own pipe fabrication!  But I did get a little shaping accomplished, roughing the briar closer to the pipe I have in my mind. One feeling of relief I have with Coachman is the briar has cooperated far better than the briar used to make Houten.

No giant flaws or voids in this block, just a couple small sand pits and the like.

With a cooperative piece of briar, I have been able to keep fairly close to the shape I originally designed.

I have tweaked it as I work, but and large, it remains true to the original sketch.

With this shape, I intended on improving my bowl/shank transition and have been somewhat successful.  The square shank design of it made this aspect a little more interesting and more challenging.  Wayne has been complimentary of my transition and keeping the shank edges square.  But I reminded him, I am only part-way through the finishing steps on the stummel/shank and I have plenty of time to mess it up!  I also intend on ‘slimming up’ my pipes.  Making them look somewhat more sleek and balanced.  So far so good however, everything remains on course.

I have done a little more work beyond these photos, but not enough to warrant another set of pictures.  I am still deciding what finish I will apply to it.  I may try a dress black style or a brown contrast finish.  I am also working out in my mind how to accomplish the band/insert I hope to meld into the stem.

More to follow!  Until then happy piping!

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