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New pieces and more!

Check out my latest available and the last show of 2016

New work available I have a trio of new pieces available below. As always, don’t delay as purchases are first come-first served and shipping outside of US will be calculated and added to the price of the pipe. If these pipes do not sell before, they will also make an appearance at the West Coast Pipe Show (see below).

Last show of 2016 The 8th annual West Coast Pipe Show is upon us! I will be attending and you can find me at one of the 3 Briarlab tables. The West Coast Pipe Show is always fun and grows in popularity every year. Come out and meet your favorite makers, we’d love to see you there! Details for the show here: West Coast Pipe Show. Hope to see you there!!

'Kernel' Bamboo Sitter

This sitter captures the grain perfectly! A shape reminiscent¬†of the elephant’s foot it possesses both beautiful straight grain as well as birdseye. The plum colored ebonite stem complements the contrast of the stummel and bamboo.


Bamboo 'Space-Morion'

Very small, artistic take on the elephant’s foot/shield shape. I see this as fitting a more modern version of the old morion soldier helmet. As above, this small pipe captures the grain quite well, both birdseye and straight! The bamboo has been sanded to show its structure and beauty, finished with a glossy black vulcanite stem.


Slender Prince

Another elegant, lightweight pipe! This smooth crosscut prince has a unique shape layout which boasts beautiful grain and looks back to the classics! The golden tones of the stummel are set off by the colors that pervade the tapered stem.


As always you can find more of my work at Briarlab.com. Click the image to the left to see more available pieces.