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New Retailer!

My pipes are reaching Scandinavia!!

Look for my work on Scandpipes, arriving this Thursday. Extremely excited to begin a relationship with Per and Mikael! Definitely keep an eye out for new work on their site. Here is an excerpt from Per about himself and Scandpipes.com:

“Hello pipefriends,

I am Per Billhäll and it´s me who is running Scandinavian Pipes.
Since 1981, pipes have been my biggest passion. In 1991, me and my good friend Jan Andersson, author of the book on BoNordh and the upcoming Scandinavian Pipemakers, started The Pipe Club of Sweden which since then I have been the president of.

In 1999, I started Scandinavian Pipes and had an immediate great response.
I am often represented in pipe shows both in Europe and USA as well as occasionally in Asia. Over the years, I have sold thousands of high-grade pipes to pipe collectors all over the world.

So if you share my passion, I hope that you will visit my shop frequently as I do my very best to supply you with simply the very best pipes available.

Thanks for visiting and happy puffing!

I am enthusiastic about my representation on their site! I will have further links on my own site to my pages on Scandpipes.com when they are available.

Thanks again, and happy piping!!

Nate King

Stunning Grain Volcano

The amber/orange hues of this piece really accentuate the outstanding grain figure. Like the wave, this pipe also possesses some ‘sexy curves’ and carries forward motion, even when at rest. The stem is an ultra rare and custom color combination which offer a striking contrast to the stummel. The curved saddle stem has tones of aquamarine, buckskin, and red oxide. A bit smaller than the wave, this one is about a group 3 in size.

Length: 4.86″
Height: 1.37″
Chamber Diameter: .74″
Chamber Depth: 1.12″
Weight:1.2oz (35g)


Slender-weight Dublin

Trimmed down to its scant visage, there is zero ‘fat’ on this pipe. Deep maroons and oranges dance over the crosscut stummel while the saddle stem and its ‘sand’ cumberland offer a nice contrast. Definitely a pipe for experienced pipers! A mere .7oz (19g), this is certainly a ‘feather-weight’ pipe!

Length: 5.0″
Height: 1.51″
Chamber Diameter: .67 (conical)”
Chamber Depth: 1.12″
Weight: .7oz (19g)


Elegant 'Wave'

And finally, a wave style pipe with sinuous, fluid lines from stem to stern. The small, blasted segment melds seamlessly with the smooth sections creating a beautiful struggle between smooth and blast. The lines of the stummel are continued through the vulcanite saddle stem, terminating in a thin, comfortable bite. A larger piece, this pipe is right around the size of a mini-magnum.

Length: 6.25"
Height: 2.23"
Chamber Diameter: .74 (conical)"
Chamber Depth: 1.65"
Weight: 2.1oz (61g)


'Kernel' Bamboo Sitter

This sitter captures the grain perfectly! A shape reminiscent of the elephant’s foot it possesses both beautiful straight grain as well as birdseye. The plum colored ebonite stem complements the contrast of the stummel and bamboo.


Bamboo 'Space-Morion'

Very small, artistic take on the elephant’s foot/shield shape. I see this as fitting a more modern version of the old morion soldier helmet. As above, this small pipe captures the grain quite well, both birdseye and straight! The bamboo has been sanded to show its structure and beauty, finished with a glossy black vulcanite stem.