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New work available I have three new smooth pipes available below. As always, don’t delay as purchases are first come-first served and shipping outside of US will be calculated and added to the price of the pipe. Some unique and fresh pieces for me, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Stunning Grain Volcano

The amber/orange hues of this piece really accentuate the outstanding grain figure. Like the wave, this pipe also possesses some ‘sexy curves’ and carries forward motion, even when at rest. The stem is an ultra rare and custom color combination which offer a striking contrast to the stummel. The curved saddle stem has tones of aquamarine, buckskin, and red oxide. A bit smaller than the wave, this one is about a group 3 in size.

Length: 4.86″
Height: 1.37″
Chamber Diameter: .74″
Chamber Depth: 1.12″
Weight:1.2oz (35g)


Slender-weight Dublin

Trimmed down to its scant visage, there is zero ‘fat’ on this pipe. Deep maroons and oranges dance over the crosscut stummel while the saddle stem and its ‘sand’ cumberland offer a nice contrast. Definitely a pipe for experienced pipers! A mere .7oz (19g), this is certainly a ‘feather-weight’ pipe!

Length: 5.0″
Height: 1.51″
Chamber Diameter: .67 (conical)”
Chamber Depth: 1.12″
Weight: .7oz (19g)


Elegant 'Wave'

And finally, a wave style pipe with sinuous, fluid lines from stem to stern. The small, blasted segment melds seamlessly with the smooth sections creating a beautiful struggle between smooth and blast. The lines of the stummel are continued through the vulcanite saddle stem, terminating in a thin, comfortable bite. A larger piece, this pipe is right around the size of a mini-magnum.

Length: 6.25"
Height: 2.23"
Chamber Diameter: .74 (conical)"
Chamber Depth: 1.65"
Weight: 2.1oz (61g)



As always you can find more of my work at Briarlab.com. Click the image to the left to see more available pieces.